15 life reminders you didn't realize you needed to hear

15 life reminders you didn't realize you needed to hear

i typically don't release blogs in the evening, but i felt an urge to write tonight for my readers. you never know what someone is going through. none of us are completely transparent about the things we experience in our daily lives. our shortcomings. our insecurities. our ambitions. our stress factors. our journey. regardless of who you are or what you may be facing, my intent is that you read this and find the encouragement you need to keep going. 

15). don't work yourself to death.

your body is indeed a temple and it wasn't meant to be stressed. whatever job you have, work it with integrity and respect. however, don't let your job consume you so much that it negatively impacts your health, your happiness, or your personality. i know it may be easier said than done, but you gotta remember to chill. forreal. because at the end of the day, money really cannot buy happiness and it gets real cold at the top. 

14). you've got to live. 

don't get so caught up in planning the perfect life that the life you have passes you by. take some time to stop and smell the roses, and give roses out too! appreciate the small things, share love. emit positive vibes into the world around you. spend time with your family. love on them while they're still here in the natural realm. these kinda moments in life are called priceless for a reason. 

13). you don’t have to be perfect.  

you think everyone has it all together because of what they’ve put on social media? tuh. majority of everything we’ve posted on our pages has been filtered, stripped, and cropped so much it’s not even remotely close to our reality. don’t believe the hype. stay in your own lane and do "you" as authentically as you can.

12). you mean something.

i don’t care what you’ve done. i don’t care what you’ve said. i don’t care who tried to tear you down. i don’t care how many friends you’ve lost as a result of your actions. the world is a better place because you’re here. this world would not be the same without you. 

11). your time is precious.

stop squandering your time discussing trivial things with small minded people who aren’t looking to level up. stop spending your days working a job you hate and your nights watching trash television. it’s counterproductive to your success. use your time wisely. 

10). you don’t have to keep people in your life just because.

you knew this already, but some of you need to hear it again. learn how to release people who are holding you back. keeping the dead weight around is literally causing you to toil. 

9). you can start today.

you’ve put off that business idea long enough. you’ve stayed at that job you hate long enough. you’ve kept toxic people in your life long enough. you’ve put exercising and eating right off long enough. thankfully, there is no time like the present so there’s still an opportunity for you to take a step in the right direction, today.

8). you have enough to begin.

if we waited until we were 100% ready to do something, we’d never do anything. now don’t get me wrong, i’m not telling you to go into a new business venture completely blind or quit your job without having some sort of plan in place. however, i am saying that you probably have what you need to get started with whatever it is you’ve been putting off. don’t focus so much on what you don’t have that you overlook what you do have. 

7). you don’t have to have all the answers.

it’s ok not to know everything. i believe that there isn’t anything in this world that a friend, family member, former professor, class, workshop, blog, book, or online article can’t teach me. there’s a lot of stuff i don’t know, and i’m not deterred by that. if anything, it compels me to go even harder until i do know the answer. never be too humble to ask for help. 

6). you still have time.

you aren’t in a race against the clock. the timer hasn’t buzzed out on your life. take a deep breath, decide that you will be successful. make up in your mind that you will be happy. you will put out positivity. you will maintain positive vibes. you will bounce back. each day you wake up is another opportunity to get things right, do things differently, and make an impact. so what are you waiting for? 

5). it’s not too late for you to experience a love of your own.

if you haven’t found that special person yet, don’t trip. in the meantime, try focusing on areas of improvement in your own life so that when your path does align with that of the person God intended you to be with, you’ll be able to receive them with open arms. it would be a shame for you to meet the person meant for you prematurely and then lose them because you weren’t ready. 

4). you are valuable.

despite what your last job may have thought. despite what your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend may have thought. despite what your family members and friends may have thought. there’s something within you that can only be shared by you in the specific way that only you can do it. we need your presence here so you can make your contribution like only you know how. 

3). you don’t always owe people an explanation for doing what you feel is best for you.

why didn’t you call me back? why weren’t you at my birthday kickback? why didn’t you donate money to my cause? why don’t you like any of my posts? why don’t you give me discounts for your services? why haven’t i heard from you? why haven’t you shared my business posts on social media? you didn’t see my text?

generally speaking, you shouldn’t feel compelled to answer any of this. you have a primary obligation to yourself to protect your peace and shield your energy. if you need to take some time back, do that. and more importantly, do it unapologetically.

2). you can’t keep trying to save people who have no desire to be saved.

your efforts may be more productive when placed elsewhere. and despite popular belief, making the decision to be “pro self” does not mean that you are “anti-everyone else”. it means you have a clear outlook on how you distribute your time and energy. it takes a true visionary to have the discernment necessary to know when to keep trying and when to walk away.

1). you are loved.

and not only that, you deserve love. 

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