7 types of wolves every brother needs in his wolfpack

7 types of wolves every brother needs in his wolfpack

a wolfpack is a group of friends that are bonded together by loyalty, love and respect for one another. when you have a wolfpack, each person within it is  connected and protective of one another in a way that is both endearing and empowering. but when i think about a wolfpack, i think about the fact that although each woolpack is different, one thing remains the same… everyone needs to contribute something to it for the wolfpack to be successful. so what does an ideal wolfpack look like? i’m glad you asked. from what I've seen in both real life and on the big screen, each wolfpack needs the following types of wolves within it.

7). the accountable wolf

also known as the responsible wolf of the pack, this is the wolf who makes sure things go smoothly when the pack is out and about. in most cases, they’re the one that always apologizes to strangers when one of the drunken wolves has done something embarrassing. they’re also the one who usually gets the rental cars and orchestrates the hotels or whatever when the pack goes on a trip. but unlike most of the other wolves in the pack, the accountable wolf is the one who gets ish accomplished. through their actions, they intend to inspire the rest of the pack to do better and be better. they tend to speak on behalf of the wolfpack — especially when it’s related to business matters, because they know the right questions to ask. and because of that, anytime something needs to be done, it’s usually assumed that the accountable wolf will take care of it because well…they’re the responsible wolf of the pack, ya know?

6). the woke wolf 

the woke wolf is the one who isn’t for the humbug (humbug = games, antics) when it comes to inclusion and representation. they aren’t easily persuaded by public interest groups and mainstream media. instead, they are always reading about and contributing to the conversation as it pertains to all things #fortheculture. this is the wolf who asks to speak to the manager because someone who came to the restaurant after ya’ll was seated before ya’ll. they tend to write letters to corporations and other businesses when they have issues, using words like microagression, discrimination, unconscious bias, oppression and the like. they’re basically "woke af" and it’s sometimes annoying to other members of the wolfpack. but everyone accepts them for their role because they low key be right most of the time because hey, people do be tryna play us, ya know?

5). the healthy wolf

here’s the wolf that was on the health kick before it was trending. they count calories, meal prep and they workout regularly. it’s not uncommon for them to say stuff like “if you take care of your body now, your body will take care of you later.” they often arrive late and/or leave early from wolfpack outings if those events interfere with their workout schedule. and when the pack is out of town, they still stick with it. they’re the ones looking for the onsite gym and secretly calling it weak because it’s not as good as the one they use at home. and while the rest of the pack sometimes get tired of this wolf telling them how many calories are in their beer, talking about going to the gym, and eating healthy all the time, this is the wolf they rely on to be their trainer when they need to lose weight for their wedding or for something more trivial, like spring break. so at the end of the day, it’s all good.

4). the well dressed wolf 

being the well dressed wolf comes with a lot of responsibility. and due to the fact that they’re considered trendy and fashion forward, it’s not uncommon for the well dressed wolf of the pack to get text messages from the other wolves like,  “bro, does this outfit look ok for tonight?” or “what do you think about this blazer with these loafers?” more often than not, the well dressed wolf is the one that takes a lot of fashion risks. they pride themselves on not necessarily wearing something first, but wearing it in the best possible way. other wolves in the pack wouldn’t necessarily wear what the well dressed wolf wears — but they still let him do his thing. it may seem like people compliment this wolf even when they are “dressed down” in “regular” clothing. but that’s because what a man wears has about 10% to do with what he has on and 90% to do with the confidence he has while wearing it.

3). the popular wolf

in some cases, this wolf may also be referred to as the social butterfly. they know everybody, and i mean everybody, literally. every time you go somewhere, they see someone they know (or someone that knows them) and they end up talking to them for hella long. but the crazy thing is that half the time, the popular wolf don’t even be remembering the names of half the people that come up to them — they’re just that good at maintaining conversations and people feel compelled to talk to them because of their perceived charisma and charm. it usually annoys the heck outta the rest of the wolfpack. but there’s some instances where this wolf is able to shine, like when you need a list of people to invite (and not invite) to a party/kickback, if you’re tryna cut the line at the club or if you just need something to do. the popular wolf always has a list of moves the wolfpack can make on any given day. even when they don’t feel like going out, they’ll ultimately still go if the pack is down…because without them, the wolfpack ain’t plugged.

2). the knucking and bucking wolf 

this is the wolf that first comes to mind when you think “ride or die” because unlike the other wolves, they’re always ready to throw hands first and ask questions later. they don’t have to be the biggest in the pack, but they definitely do a fair share of damage when ish hits the fan. this is the one that always ends up having beef with someone who “came for” them or someone else in the pack. and it’s not uncommon for others to tell them to calm down because they always seem thirsty to throw hands. but what ya’ll don’t understand about this wolf is that the issue is not that he’s always ready to throw hands. the real issue is that people say a lot of slick stuff without consequence and they shouldn’t be writing checks with their mouth that their actions can’t cash. period.

1). the praying wolf

in a perfect world, everyone within the wolfpack will have their own connection with God from which they can rely upon. but, that’s not always the case (if we’re being honest). the praying wolf is the one who not only goes to church most often, but their life reflects what they believe the most. they like to turn up, but they seem to have more of a limit as to what they will and won’t do. this is the wolf that you reach out to first every time you’re feeling down because you know they’ll have something profound to say. for the most part, any advice they give you is biblically based and they seem the most centered out of everyone because of it. you may find that they’re always reminding the wolfpack to say grace before they eat…even if it is in the midst of a turn up. you may also find that others don't necessarily feel comfortable getting lit around this wolf because they feel like they're being judged...which actually isn't the case most of the time, ironically. 



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