11 things black mama's said to their kids growing up (with translations)

11 things black mama's said to their kids growing up (with translations)

#growingupblack is such an experience; one that is like no other. looking back, i see that my cousins and i grew up with so many double entendres in our households. we had to legitimately decipher messages if we really wanted understand what our parents were saying to us. as a result, we all got closer because we were typically subjected to similar rules, even though we lived in different houses. and what's more, i feel like most black people can now look back to their childhood with fond memories and laugh at some of the things we endured that we thought were so horrible then. some of us even have children of our own now and we are continuing the cycle...because that's what our parents did to us, and we turned out pretty ok. right? here's some nostalgia for ya... 

11). "i don't have any money."

translation: i have money. as a matter of fact, i have plenty of it. however, i won't be putting any of my money toward what you just requested. and rather than tell you "no", i'll tell you i don't have any money.

10). "when you get your own _____ , you can ____ as much as you want to."

translation: hate my rules? stay in school, start earning your own money, move outta my house and acquire your own possessions. only then will you be able to do whatever it is that you desire to do. however, until then, humble yourself. 

9). "you come in my house after ____, you might as well stay where you are."

translation: the time that i just referenced is actually your curfew. it would behoove you to be back in this house that i allow you to stay in rent-free prior to the aforementioned curfew. should you choose to stay out past that time, there will be consequences. if you choose to not come home at all out of fear of the consequences, there will be consequences on top of consequences. be home on time. 

8). "stay out all night if you want to."

translation: don't stay out all night, even if you desire to do so. 

7). "i'm not one of your little friends."

translation: you seem to have lost track of who you were currently conversing with. as a result, you may have said something that i've interpreted to be disrespectful. rather than jump right into the consequences of said action, i will give you the benefit of the doubt by first prefacing said consequences with a verbal warning and reminder that unlike your friends, you and i are not on the same level. 

6). "make me say it again."

translation: if i have to waste energy and repeat myself, i promise you won't have any energy left after i beat you for requiring that i tell you do something more than once before you actually obliged. 

5). "i don't owe you an explanation."

translation: my rationale for what i said may or may not be clear to me at the moment, so it would be an impossible task at the moment for me to attempt to get you to understand my rationale behind said decision. 

4). "what ya'll want from mcdonalds? no numbers."

translation: stick to the dollar menu, children. don't choose anything off of the menu that has a corresponding number to it (i.e. #1, #4, etc.). 

3). "fix your face...before i fix it for you."

translation: i know you may be in pain. i'm aware you may be upset with me because your current predicament is not ideal. however, you will not disrespect me by letting your emotions show on your face. so whatever it is that you have to think about to connect to your happy place, you might want to do that. now.

2). "take the chicken out when you get home."

translation: do me a favor and remove the frozen package of chicken from the freezer and place it in the sink so i can begin to prepare it for dinner when i get home from work. if you fail to do so, i'll know and there will be consequences. 

1). "as long as you live under my house..." (i don't even have to finish it, you already know the rest). 

translation: you reside in my home and while you are here, you will be respectful of the rules i have in place to govern how this home operates.

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