15 song titles that describe the types of line brothers and line sisters in every d9 organization

15 song titles that describe the types of line brothers and line sisters in every d9 organization

lemme put out a couple of disclaimers for anyone who may not already know. the term "d9" is short for divine 9, which refers to the 9 historically black fraternities and sororities. those organizations (can't assume people know anything these days) include the following: alpha phi alpha fraternity, incorporated (1906), alpha kappa alpha sorority, incorporated (1908), kappa alpha psi fraternity, incorporated (1911), omega psi phi fraternity, incorporated (1911), delta sigma theta sorority, incorporated (1913), phi beta sigma fraternity, incorporated (1914), zeta phi beta sorority, incorporated (1920), sigma gamma rho sorority, incorporated (1922), and iota phi theta fraternity, incorporated (1963). each organization is represented on various colleges and universities in the form of a chapter. now, depending on who you talk to, you may get a different answer when you ask "what is a line brother/sister?" some may say it's people that joined an organization at the same school at the same time. whereas, other people may say a line brother/sister is someone that you "joined, joined" an organization at the same school at the same time with (you know we say stuff twice for emphasis); two different definitions. some of you will get that on the way out. however, while the definitions of what a line bother/sister is to you may vary, the characteristics of certain types of line brothers/sisters is something that has remain unchanged. regardless of the organization, these are the type of line brothers and sisters that are on every line, no doubt about it. 

15). "can't tell me nothing" by kanye west.

the one that thinks they're your dean. they're always tryna reprimand other people on the line so much so, that people often think they've been in the org much longer than they actually have. 

14). "here" by alessia cara.

the one that literally never wants to go out; people sometimes even forget they're even on the line. 

13). "knuck if you buck" by crime mob.

this is the hot head of the line; they claim to "not like drama" but always seem to be around when drama comences. how ironic. 

12). "i have nothing" by whitney houston.

this one is usually fairly easy to pick out on the line. they're the one who was irrelevant before they pledged and were ultimately surprised to find that they were still irrelevant once they finished. tough break, kid. 

11). "blame it" by jamie foxx.

probably one of the most annoying on the line. this is the "lightweight" of the line. they swear they have the highest tolerance but everyone on and off the yard knows they can't hold their liquor.

10). "creep" by tlc.

now, this one is just as friendly as they are fake. they've got absolutely no integrity below the belt. what does that even mean? it means they'll flirt with (and maybe even take it a step further) with your significant other and smile in your face like nothing ever really happened. triflin', right?

9). "never can say goodbye" by the jackson 5.

here's the one who refuses to graduate on time. instead of going to class, they dedicate all their time to making new chants and strolls and turning up at all the kickbacks and parties. they're something like a professional student, minus the professionalism. 

8). "the lazy song" by bruno mars.

sometimes you can spot this type from a mile away. other times, you can only tell if you're in the chapter or on that line. nevertheless, this is t-shirt wearer. the one that doesn't do any of the "real" work of the organization. yet, they're conveniently at all the social events. the nerve. 

7). "my prerogative" by bobby brown.

the one that barely crossed themselves but now goes hard on the neos. 

6). "wipe me down" by boosie badazz.

here's the one who makes up all the strolls and steps for their line (and sometimes, the chapter). they've been blessed with the creative gene and they literally can come up with material that'll put all those other orgs to shame. gotta be careful not to overexert these types, though. 

5). "u saved me" by r. kelly.

now here's the one you always find yourself having to save. they're always doing "sus" stuff like forgetting pertinent information about the line or doing something that goes against the cultural norms of your organization. and sometimes, they don't even realize they're doing it. you may feel compelled to make sure they're "good", so you try not to let them go places by themselves to ensure nobody else tries to play them. 

4). "ex-factor" by lauryn hill.

"it could allll be so simple.....but you'd rather make it harddddd." this is the one with no rhythm who can't retain any strolls or steps, even if they tried. you may have to kick them out of a couple of shows or make them line up on the back, but don't be so quick to count them out completely. practice does make permanent. some of us just require a little more practice than others.

3). "too much sauce" by future.

the "celebrity" of the line; they know everybody. 

2). "u should've known better" by monica.

the one that consistently threatens to denounce their letters and never follows through.

1). "bbhmm" by rihanna.

the one who leant out the most money on the line (and still hasn't been paid back). 





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