9 tips for college graduates coping with post graduate depression

you purchased books. lost your way. googled answers to take-home quizzes. emailed professors for extensions. found your wolf pack. joined a couple clubs. partied. mixed dark and light. got back together with bae. dropped some classes. got serious about your grades. and then you graduated, like a boss. but the pomp and circumstance of it all was short lived. 

5 questions to ask yourself before you ask someone to write you a letter of recommendation

most of us have written or requested a letter of recommendation before. for some, this started when we were applying to college. for others, your experience with recommendation letters began when you were trying to get a job or applying for an award. and a lot of times, these letters can be just the thing that sets you apart from other candidates. but they have to be executed correctly. 

6 things black men can do to stop perpetuating rape culture

i didn’t even know what rape culture was until about a week ago. it wasn’t something i talked about. i didn’t read about it anywhere. i never even gave it much thought. why? because i am not a rapist. the people i surround myself with are not rapists. so in my mind, rape culture had nothing to do with me. 

6 tips for getting out of an unequally yoked relationship

our realities are largely shaped by the people we forge relationships with – our parents, our significant others, people in leadership, and our friends. and as we go through life, developing and manifesting along the way, it becomes increasingly important than we prune out the people that aren’t contributing to our growth.