6 inclusion and diversity reminders from the black guy in the room

This past year or so has really shined a light on how far we still have to go with cultivating inclusion and diversity in the workplace. And while the evidence supporting the need for change is plentiful, the level of investment put towards eradicating inequality and disempowering historical barriers seems scarce.

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10 things you can do when you realize you aren't as far along in life as you thought you'd be

we’ve all gone through phases in our lives where we feel ‘less than’. moments where we believe things haven’t gone the way they should have. it feels like we’ve run out of time to right our wrongs and experience a life of true happiness. and nothing makes sense anymore. how does one realign?

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6 tips for getting out of an unequally yoked relationship

our realities are largely shaped by the people we forge relationships with – our parents, our significant others, people in leadership, and our friends. and as we go through life, developing and manifesting along the way, it becomes increasingly important than we prune out the people that aren’t contributing to our growth.

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